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    Say It Isn't So (2001)

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    Say It Isn't So
    Good-hearted would-be veterinarian Gilbert 'Gilly' Noble, an orphan who works at the animal shelter in Shelbyville, Indiana, starts falling for walking disaster Josephine 'Jo' Wingfield, who even cuts his ear while doing his hair in the salon. After six months, they are ready for marriage; just then P.I. Vic Vetter, whom Gilly hired but believed hopelessly inefficient, reports that his mother is Valdine- Jo's too, end she takes terribly bad care of her multiply handicapped dad Walter! Another sixteen months later, Gilly lives at her place and Jo, who moved to Oregon, is about to marry a good catch, Jack Mitchelson; then a certain Leon Pitofsky turns up and proves to be Valdine's son. Gilly is an orphan again, but his love no longer incestuous, so he drives across the country, and in Colorado literally bumps into pilot 'Big Dig' McCaffrey, leg-less scum. Valdine calls ahead to the Beaver...

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    • J.B. Rogers
    • USA
    • ~ 95 min.
    • Komödie
    • 0


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    Weitere Details

    IMDb Wertung:
    5 / 10 :: 8080 Votes
    Genre: Komödie Romance
    Produzent: Bobby Farrelly
    Co-Produzent: Marc S. Fischer
    BBFC: 15
    MPAA: R
    Schauspieler: Chris Klein  Heather Graham  Orlando Jones  Sally Field  Richard Jenkins  John Rothman  Jack Plotnick  Eddie Cibrian  43 weitere
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